1st Annual International Conference



SUB-THEME:- Innovative approaches to education and training for sustainable development

1) Application of Computer Skills in Teaching and Learning in Kenya 2) Assessment and relevance of English Communication Skills Syllabus to Diploma in Law Programme in Tanzania 3) Assessment of Secondary School Students Opinions Towards Pursuing Agriculture Related Courses at Post Secondary Institution 4) Challenges to Curriculum Reforms 5) Effects of Hypermedia on Learning Achievement in Geography for Hearing Impaired Learners 6) Effects of Learners Attitude, Gender and School Type on English Language Performance 7) Empirical Assessment of Demographic Factors Influencing Organisational Commitment in Secondary Schools in Kenya 8) Fostering Distributed Leadership Practices in a Teachers College 9) Global Citizenship Education and Sustainable Development 10) Harnessing Educational Technology to Stimulate Critical Thinking among Secondary School Learners 11) Harnessing innovative opportunities in higher education towards achieving sustainable development in Africa 12) Higher Education Curriculum Orientation and Performance of Universities in Kenya 13) Impact of Supervision on The Management of Secondary School In Maiduguri Metropolitan Council Borno State 14) Impact Of Web-Based Solutions On Student Related Services 15) Implications of Character Strengths for University Education in the Light of Call for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Domains 16) Influence of Cultural practices on Girl-Child Participation in Secondary School Education in Adamawa State, Nigeria 17) Influence of School Category on Students Choice of Agriculture Subject in Secondary Schools in Nakuru County, Kenya 18) Influence of Teachers Instructional Practices 19) Innovative Approaches to Education and Training for Sustainable Development 20) Innovative Approaches to Higher Education and Training for Sustainable Quality and Standardization of University Education 21) Moderating the Challenges Faced in The Provision of Laboratory Resources for Science Subjects 22) Preparedness and Attitude of Student Teachers Towards Teaching in Mother Tongue in Kenyan Primary School 23) Preparing Faculty for Utilization of Innovative Approaches in Digitalized Teaching and Learning environments 24) Reengineering Mass Careers Through Technical Vocational Education Training in Kenya 25) Relevance of Entrepreneurship Education for Teachers and Teacher Curriculum 26) Strengthening the Standard of Biology Teacher in Secondary Schools 27) The Doomed Future- An Analysis of The impact of Muguka Abuse on University Students' Academic Performance 28) The Impact of Management Staff Members on Motivation and Student Attainment 29) The Impact of Parent and Community Support on Primary Schools Pupils Academic Achievement 30) The Impact of Pre-Service Teacher's awareness of Bio-entrepreneurial skills 31) The Journey Towards Enhanced Quality of Basic Education in Kenya 32) The Need for ICT in Adult Education for Socio-Economic Development in Maiduguri, Borno State 33) The Relationship Between Learning Approach and Students Academic Performance 34) The Virtue of Academic Integrity- Prevalence, Antecedents and Intervention Measures 35) Towards Sustainable University Education in Kenya 36) Transforming Madrasa Education for Sustainable Development 37) Using Path Analysis Model to Determining Parental Involvement on Child Academic Performance