Due to the ever changing dynamics in the Higher Education sector in Kenya and globally, it was inevitable that the Academic and Students Affairs Division needed to adapt and find new ideas to survive and compete. It is with this in mind that the Division organized a one-day workshop to sensitize stake holders on emerging trends and brainstorm on ideas that would enhance the University’s market position.

Objectives of the workshop

The workshop was convened to:
1) Review of the Machakos University, Academic and Students Affairs Division, School and Departmental mission and vision
2) Scanning and analyzing of the Internal and external environments
3) Competition analysis and Stakeholder analysis
4) Identify strategic issues, strategic objectives and strategies towards
addressing the identified issues.
5) Strategizing with an aim of getting a competitive advantage
6) Operationalizing strategies
7) Current academic programmes
8) Review of Academic programmes – relevancy, competitive & market driven
9) Make suggestions on the rebranding of the University

Opening remarks by the Vice- Chancellor

The Vice-Chancellor opened the workshop with the following remarks:
1) That stakeholders should find ways to make Academic programmes unique inorder to find a market niche.
2) That academic programmes should be market oriented in order to attract students.
3) That the University should digitize its curriculum content and offer online programmes.
4) That the University will re-introduce technical skill courses that are updated in order to bridge the widening skill gap in the market.
5) That the Strategic plan will be revised to align to the governments ‘Big 4 Agenda’ and also accommodate to the changes that will take place.
6) That Schools and Departments introduce short-courses and find ways to liaise with the County Government.

Expected outcomes of the Workshop

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:
1) Review and realign the Universiy’s Strategic plan
2) Justify the Academic programmes offered in the University
3) Align Academic programmes to the governments’ Big Four agenda.
4) To ensure that Machakos University Academic programmes are market oriented and competitive.
5) Introduce short courses and also offer consultancy services that impact the community
6) Propose strategic partnerships with the Machakos County government in areas impact the community and also offer local solutions.
7) Be Innovative and set a transformative agenda for the University.

Rebranding and Strategic Planning. Facilitator: Prof. Robert Arasa

The facilitator trained the participants on:
1) Strategic analysis
2) Making strategic choices
3) Establishing the sector potential/attractiveness – opportunities & challenges
4) Establishing the university’s, division’s, school’s capability profile
5) Identifying the fundamental issues that require priority attention
6) Chosing the most appropriate course of action for the realization of organizational goals and objectives in support of the Vision and Mission.

The modes of training included:
1) Group work which focused on:
• PESTEL analysis
• Competitor analysis
• Stakeholder analysis
• SWOT analysis

Closing Remarks by the DVC-ASA

1) That the new Strategic Plan is set to be launched by June 2018.
2) That Deans and CODs should review the University Strategic Plan and point out mistakes and on areas that could be improved.
3) That any queries should be raised through the Deans who will in turn present them to the Deans Committee.
4) That Deans and CODs should inform their members to digitize curriculum content so that the University may offer online programmes.
5) That a team was set up to explore marketable TIVET, KNEC and NITA programmes and are expected to deliver a report by Tuesday 10th April, 2018
6) That after deliberations, another workshop will be organized on April 24th 2018.