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The esteemed Machakos University held its 7th graduation ceremony on April 28th, 2023, at the graduation square located on the Machakos Campus. The purpose of this momentous event was to confer degrees upon the graduating class of 2022, marking a significant milestone in their academic journey.

Key Dignitaries

The graduation ceremony was honored by the presence of distinguished dignitaries who contributed to the grandeur of the event. Alongside the acting university Vice Chancellor, Professor Joyce Agalo, the ceremony was attended by the esteemed faculty members, the senate, guest speakers, and recipients of degrees and diplomas. Additionally, notable guests and representatives from various sectors of society joined the celebration to acknowledge the remarkable achievements of the graduating students.

Among the notable dignitaries were Dr. James Mworia, the Chancellor of Machakos University, and Dr. Christopher G. Gakahu, the Chairman of Council. Mrs. Mercy Wanjau, Secretary to the Cabinet, and Dr. Fredrick Ndambuki, Representative to the CS, Education, were also in attendance. Furthermore, the event witnessed the presence of Mr. Brian Mwau, the Ajiry Lead Developer from Tribus TSG, and Mr. Kenneth Mbae, the Managing Director of Centum Real Estate. Simon Mwangi, the Head of Institutional Banking at Sidian Bank, and Mr. Simba Simon Mwako, the Chief Officer of Education in Machakos County Government, were also among the dignitaries present. The ceremony was further graced by the attendance of Mr. Douglas Mwangi, the Deputy CEO of Sidian Bank, and Mr. Peter Gachuba, the Commissioner for Revenue Allocation. Their presence added distinction and significance to the occasion, highlighting the collective support and recognition extended to the graduating students.

Overview of the Ceremony

The graduation ceremony was filled with a sense of excitement, pride, and accomplishment. The graduating students, donned in their academic regalia, marched in a procession as their families, friends, and the university community applauded their achievements. The atmosphere was filled with joy and anticipation for the graduates’ futures.

Graduating Class Profile

The graduating class of 2022 consisted of a diverse group of students who had completed their studies in various disciplines offered by Machakos University. including those receiving doctoral and master’s degrees. The class represented various fields of study offered by Machakos University, highlighting their dedication, perseverance, and academic achievements.

The class showcased remarkable academic achievements, research projects, and contributions to their respective fields. They represented the university’s commitment to academic excellence and the pursuit of knowledge.

Commencement Address

The commencement address was delivered by Mrs. Mercy Wanjau, Secretary to the Cabinet of the Republic of Kenya Government. In her speech, she shared insightful perspectives, motivating the graduates to embrace their future endeavors and make meaningful contributions to society. Her words of wisdom resonated with the graduating class and left a lasting impact.

Student Achievements

Several students stood out for their exceptional accomplishments during their time at Machakos University. From groundbreaking research projects to community service initiatives, the graduating class demonstrated their dedication to academic excellence, leadership, and making a difference in their communities.

Special Awards and Honors

The ceremony recognized outstanding individuals who received special awards, scholarships, or PhD degrees. These accolades celebrated their remarkable contributions to their fields of study and their commitment to excellence. The recipients served as role models for the graduating class and inspired others to strive for greatness. During the ceremony, an important highlight was the generous donation of Kes. 2.718 million to the university’s bursary kitty by the NG-CDF grant. This remarkable contribution demonstrated the commitment and support of the NG-CDF towards promoting access to education and providing financial assistance to deserving students at the university.

Celebratory Moments

As each graduate crossed the stage to receive their hard-earned diploma, the air was filled with cheers and applause from their loved ones and the university community. Smiles and tears of joy were shared as graduates celebrated their accomplishments, reflecting on the years of hard work and dedication that brought them to this memorable milestone.

Future Plans

The graduating students now embark on a new chapter in their lives, with diverse plans for the future. Some will pursue further education, while others will enter the job market, ready to apply the knowledge and skills they acquired during their time at Machakos University. The ceremony marked the beginning of their professional journeys, filled with aspirations, dreams, and opportunities.

Conclusion and Reflections

The 7th graduation ceremony of Machakos University was a momentous occasion, honoring the achievements of the graduating class of 2022. The presence of distinguished dignitaries, including Dr. James Mworia, Dr. Christopher G. Gakahu, and Mrs. Mercy Wanjau, added prestige to the event. The ceremony served as a testament to the university’s commitment to academic excellence, preparing graduates for successful futures, and cultivating strong ties with the government and industry.

Contact Information

For more information about Machakos University and its future graduation ceremonies, please visit the university’s official website or contact the university’s administration office. The university remains dedicated to nurturing talent, fostering growth, and empowering the next generation of leaders.

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