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Celebrating Innovation and Technology: Highlights of the Innovation and Exhibition Week

The 5th Innovation and Exhibition Week at Machakos University took place on 24th-25th May 2023, at the University Sports Ground. The event brought together distinguished guests, innovators, exhibitors, and students from various institutions. Under the theme “Innovation and Technology for Socioeconomic Development,” the event celebrated the pivotal role of innovation and technology in driving sustainable growth and progress. The event witnessed the presence of several notable individuals who contributed to the success of the Innovation and Exhibition Week:

  1. Chief Guest: Hon. Sharon Mutua-CECM (Trade, Industry, Tourism and Innovation), Machakos County.
  2. The Acting Vice-Chancellor: Prof. Joyce J. Agalo, PhD, who provided leadership and guidance during the event.
  3. The esteemed Deputy Vice-Chancellors of Machakos University.
  4. Academic and Administrative Staff
  5. Innovation and Exhibition Judges: Experts and professionals responsible for evaluating the innovations and exhibits.
  6. Innovators and Exhibitors: The talented individuals and organizations who showcased their groundbreaking innovations and exhibits.
  7. Invited Guests and Students from Various Institutions
  8. Enthusiastic members of the public who attended the Innovation and Exhibition Week.

Celebrating the Power of Innovation and Technology: Prof. Joyce J. Agalo, the Acting Vice-Chancellor, expressed her delight and gratitude towards the attendees and emphasized the importance of innovation and technology for societal development. She acknowledged that embracing innovation and technology is not a choice but a necessity to align with the nation’s development trajectory and keep pace with the ever-evolving world.

Underscoring the significance of Innovation and Technology, the Chief Guest, Hon. Sharon Mutua-CECM (Trade, Industry, Tourism and Innovation), Machakos County, highlighted that innovation and technology are fundamental to every aspect of the nation’s progress. In an era of rapid change and intense competition, innovation and technology ensure the relevance and success of businesses, institutions, and organizations. Innovation and technology empower societies to overcome challenges and pave the way for a brighter future.

The Innovation and Exhibition Week featured an impressive array of innovations and exhibits that demonstrated the creativity and brilliance of the participants. These notable creations included:

  1. Table Banking Management (Chama) System
  2. E-mess
  3. Shambagrow
  4. Intelligent Camera for the Visually Impaired
  5. Metaverse Safaris
  6. G2F Connect
  7. Solar Operated Mopping Machine
  8. Smart Parking Management System
  9. Automatic Power Regulator
  10. Self-Powered Kettle
  11. Satellite Aided Speed Control
  12. T-Scholler
  13. Eco-Shoes/Sneakers
  14. Robo Farm & Noise Control
  15. Digital Consumer Involvement
  16. MksU Students App
  17. Pharmacy Management System
  18. Rental Website Creation

Prof. Peter Mwita, the Deputy Vice  Chancellor in charge of Research, Innovations and Linkages, in whose the Innovation and Exhibitions are under,  emphasized the need to foster an environment that supports the practical implementation of innovations. He said that the University aims at providing a platform for innovators to connect, interact, and freely exchange ideas. The Innovation and Exhibition Week serves as a catalyst for collaborative efforts, enabling participants to showcase their inventions and contribute to the betterment of society.

In summary, the 5th Innovation and Exhibition Week at Machakos University, held at the University Sports Ground, celebrated the power of innovation and technology in driving socioeconomic development. The event highlighted the importance of embracing innovation and technology in our rapidly evolving world. The remarkable innovations and exhibits showcased during the event demonstrated the university’s commitment to nurturing creativity and providing a platform for innovative ideas. Machakos University, under the guidance of Prof. Joyce J. Agalo, continues to be a driving force in improving lives and advancing the nation through its dedication to innovation and technology.

As the event unfolded, attendees were inspired by the spirit of innovation and technology, fostering hope for a brighter future filled with groundbreaking solutions that can positively impact society.


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