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Postgraduate Diploma in Education
     2.Masters of Science (Mathematical Modelling and Computations)
     3.Master of Science (Agribusiness Management)
     4.Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting & Finance
     5.Master of Science (Human Resource Management)
     6.Master of Science (Finance)
     7.Master of Economics (Policy & Management)
     8.Master of Economics
     9.Master of Arts in;
  •  English and Linguistics
  •  Kiswahili
  •  Applied Linguistics
  •  Religious Studies (Christianity, Islam and ATR)
  • Literature
    10.Master of Science (Chemistry)
    11.Master of Economics (Econometrics)
    12.Master of Education (M.Ed):-
  •  Educational Administration
  •  Educational Planning
  •  Curriculum Development
  •  Educational Communication & Technology.
  •  Early Childhood Education
  • Educational Psychology
    13.Masters of Environment and Sustainable Community Development
    14.Master of Environmental Sciences
    15.Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Business
    16.Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Applied Linguistics
    17.Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education
Adana Taksi
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