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    Machakos University Staff Research Grants is an annual programme which provides academic staff with an opportunity to address various societal challenges facing the country through research. The 6th call for proposals, therefore, seeks to offer the University staff with opportunities to respond to current and emerging socioeconomic challenges in line with the government’s development agenda, namely (i) Agricultural Transformation (ii) Housing (iii) Health Care (iii) Infrastructure (iv) Manufacturing (iv) Environment (v) Information and Communication Technology (ICT), among others. Staff are requested to submit proposals formulated in line with the Theme and Subthemes as provided in this call. The received proposals shall be peer reviewed, and a panel of experts shall make funding decisions, thereafter.


The objectives of this call are to:

  1. Promote a positive research culture in the University.
  2. Build research capacity among the University staff.
  3. Promote collaborative research between and among various disciplines in the University.
  4. Support research in key priority areas in relation to the National and County Development Agenda and the University strategic plan.


  1. Agricultural Transformation and Food Security;
  2. Health, Sports and Tourism Management;
  3. Education for Sustainable Development;
  4. Energy, Housing and Industrialization;
  5. Climate Change Mitigation, Environment and Natural Resources Management;
  6. Role of Basic and Applied Sciences in Socioeconomic Development;
  7. Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises;
  8. Blue Economy, Information and Communication Technology and National Development; and
  9. Business, Entrepreneurship and Social Security

The project should be carried out within a period of one (1) year. The funding of the project will be released based on regular satisfactory progress reports and proper accounting. Applicants are required to submit a detailed workplan indicating a clear framework for monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

The Grant seeks to support up to a maximum of Kenya shillings seven hundred thousand (Kshs. 700,000). Note that the Grant does not support purchase of electronic equipment such as laptops, mobile phones, cameras, printers and related accessories. Besides, it cannot be used to support a research project in progress or a non-research related proposal such as income generating and production activities.

a) The applicant must be a full-time Machakos University academic staff.
b) The proposals must demonstrate clear strategies towards solving various societal problems.
c) The objectives of the proposals must be in line with national priorities as envisaged in the current National Development Agenda,  Vision 2030, the National Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy as well as the Sustainable Development Goals and the Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa (STISA 2024).
d) The applicant(s) should have relevant qualifications and experience in the subject area of the proposed project.
e) Staff members who are Principal Investigators (PIs) in on-going Machakos University funded research projects are not eligible.
f) Applications must be received on or before the deadline.
g) Proposals MUST embrace a multi-disciplinary approach; a proposal submitted by only one applicant will not be considered.

h) A Tutorial Fellow who is yet to start PhD research work is NOT eligible as Principal Investigator.

Applicants should email a soft copy to director-research@mksu.ac.ke and copy to registrar-ril@mksu.ac.ke and submit a hard copy to the office of the Director, Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer on or before 20th January, 2023.

Below please find more information and guidelines for proposal writing.

Click Here to Download the 6th Call for Proposals Advert and the Guidelines for the Proposal Writing.

You may also visit MksU website www.mksu.ac.ke for more information and guidelines.

For any other information or inquiries please contact:

The Director, Research Innovation and Technology Transfer
E-Mail: director-research@mksu.ac.ke

Adana Taksi
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