In a dynamic session that brought together scholars, professionals, and environment enthusiasts, the 7th Public Lecture on Climate Change proved to be an enlightening discourse. Dr. Antony Ogolla, an esteemed expert in Climate Science and Policy, led the conversation with a profound exploration of “Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation, and Mitigation Options. The inspirational event took place on the 19th January 2024 at Machakos University Hotel and Conference Center.

The 7th Public Lecture was officially opened by Professor. James Muola, representing the Vice Chancellor. Prof. Muola appreciated all members of staff, students and other stakeholders who attended the Public Lecture and noted that the lessons from the lecture will go a long way in enhancing the global climate.  Distinguished guests in attendance were: Veronica Nzilani Ndetu, a Climate Change and Agriculture expert, Magdalene Kagendo Njiru Climate Change Sustainability Expert. Members of the University management, Deans, Chair of Departments, academic staff and students of Machakos University were also in attendance.

Dr. Antony Ogolla, renowned for his work in Climate Science and Policy, brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the forefront of the lecture. His vast experience as a researcher and policy expert has made him a pivotal figure in the global conversation on climate change.

While giving his keynote address, Dr. Ogolla presented a comprehensive assessment of the current and anticipated impacts of climate change. From rising global temperatures to extreme weather events, his detailed insights painted a vivid picture of the challenges facing our environment. The lecture delved into innovative adaptation strategies, emphasizing the need for communities, governments, and industries to proactively respond to the changing climate. Dr. Ogolla highlighted successful case studies and showcased the resilience demonstrated by certain regions in the face of adversity. A crucial aspect of the lecture focused on mitigation options to curb the escalating effects of climate change. Dr. Ogolla explored sustainable practices, technological innovations, and policy interventions that could contribute to a more sustainable and climate-resilient future.

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Expert Discussants were received from Veronica Nzilani Ndetu – Climate Change and Agriculture, Magdalene Kagendo Njiru – Climate Change Sustainability and Prof. Stanley Makindi, Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences. Ms. Ndetu brought a wealth of experience to the discourse, specializing in climate change’s intersection with agriculture. She emphasized the importance of a multi-sectoral approach, advocating for collaboration among diverse stakeholders to effectively address climate change issues in agriculture. Her analytical approach and extensive background in climate adaptation and mitigation, as well as climate-smart agricultural practices, enriched the conversation. Her focus on enhancing access to adaptive technologies showcased a commitment to building resilient communities.

Magdalene Kagendo Njiru brought a unique perspective to the dialogue. Her proficiency in risk management, research, training, and curriculum development highlighted the interconnectedness of climate change with broader environmental and social frameworks. Ms. Njiru’s emphasis on environmental and social safeguards underscored the importance of responsible practices in addressing climate challenges.

Adding to the expertise, Prof. Stanley Makindi, with a formidable background in research and consultancy in Environment and Natural Resources Management, explored into effective strategies for managing natural resources amidst climate challenges. Prof. Makindi’s extensive publication record, comprising over 40 scientific journal articles, conference publications, book chapters, and technical reports, reflects his deep understanding of the field.

As the lecture concluded, Dr. Ogolla issued a compelling call to action highlighting the collective responsibility we share in addressing climate change and urged attendees to actively contribute to sustainable practices, advocate for policy changes, and champion environmental consciousness in their respective spheres. The 7th Public Lecture on Climate Change, featuring Dr. Antony Ogolla, left attendees enlightened and motivated to contribute to the global efforts against climate change. The insights shared will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping policies, fostering sustainable practices, and inspiring positive change in the face of one of the most pressing challenges of our time.

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