Schools at Glance

The Mission of Machakos University is to provide Scholarly Education through Training, Research and Innovation for Industrial and Socio-Economic Transformation of our communities. Developing the Next Generation of Tech Leaders Through Market-Driven Education. In times of profound change, the learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists

Agriculture, Environment & Health Sciences

School with a vision for turning the wheels of development through improved agricultural production and agribusiness for sustainable rural livelihoods.


Business, Economics, Hospitality & Tourism Management

The School is engaged in creating, integrating, transferring, and applying knowledge relevant to Business, Entrepreneurship, Economics and Management.


School of Education

Welcome to the School of Education which is one of the largest and fastest growing schools in terms of student population in Machakos University.


Engineering & Technology

Our core functions entail teaching and training, conducting laboratory and workshops work. The school has highly qualified faculty staff, modern laboratories and workshops


Humanities & Social Sciences

We are one of the fastest growing schools at Machakos University. Our school has seventeen highly qualified faculty members.


Pure & Applied Sciences

The School aims at producing professional scientists for careers in industry, teaching and research. The School focuses on imparting knowledge in the areas of Biological, Physical and Mathematical Sciences.


Graduate School

The Graduate School was established after the award of charter in October 2016. It initially existed as the Board of Post Graduate Studies since October 2015.
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