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The Chancellor of Machakos University, Dr. James Mworia who is also the group CEO of Centum Ltd, established the Chancellor’s Scholarship Fund in 2016. The Scholarship Fund is meant to assist exemplary undergraduate academic performers to achieve their academic dreams. The Fund applies to undergraduate students from the Schools of Pure & Applied Sciences and Engineering & Technology.

Eligibility criteria:

  1. Must be a bonafide/prospective student of Machakos University.
  2. Must be taking courses in the Schools of Engineering and Technology, or Pure and Applied Sciences.
  3. Must have attained an average of 70% (A) or higher in the previous academic year or a mean Grade of B+ at the Secondary level.
  4. Must be a financially needy student.
  5. Should not have been involved in any disciplinary case.

Application process:  Interested students are requested to download the Chancellor’s Scholarship Application Form from the University website, fill it, and submit it to the office of the Registrar (ASA).


Adana Taksi
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