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The 3rd Annual Tree Planting Event of Machakos University

Machakos University held its 3rd Annual Tree Planting Event on 19th November 2019. The occasion involved all students and members of staff of Machakos University. During the occasion, the Chief Guest was the Deputy Governor of Machakos County, Eng. Francis Maliti. He was accompanied with CEC in charge of Environment, Hon.Naomi Mutie and several other dignitaries from the County Government. The tree planting day at Machakos University is an annual event and is always organized by the division of research and linkages under the office the Deputy Vice Chancellor-research and linkages.


Addressing the occasion, the Vice –Chancellor Prof.Lucy Irungu echoed the government of Kenya’s commitment to preserve our forests and made reference to presidential directive that requires all students in learning institutions to implement “Adapt a tree initiative”, and hence participate in planting trees with the aim of achieving the National Strategy for 10% Tree cover by 2022.


Emphasizing the need to plant tree, the Vice –Chancellor pointed out that global warming has become a threat to all humanity because of man’s activities that destroy the ozone layer. She lamented that the natural and the seasonal pattern of the way of the earth is no longer taking place the way God intended. Rains hardly come in the right time frame we expect them and the environmental order of things are not happening as expected.


She thanked the Deputy Governor and said that out of 2000 trees that were planted, the County Government donated 1000 trees that enabled the 3rd Annual Tree Planting of 2019 to be a success.


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