Machakos University Wins Seven Awards During The 2024 Machakos National Agricultural Society of Kenya Show

Machakos University Wins Seven Awards During The 2024 Machakos National Agricultural Society of Kenya Show

Machakos University made a remarkable impact at the 2024 Machakos National Agricultural Society of Kenya (A.S.K) Show, winning an impressive four awards. The event, held from June 5th to 8th at the Machakos Showground, revolved around the theme “Promoting Climate Smart Agriculture and Trade Initiatives for Economic Growth.”

Participating in this prestigious annual event, the University showcased a variety of innovative projects, research findings and practical experiences from various Schools. The exhibits were aligned with the theme, highlighting the university’s commitment to climate-smart agriculture and economic growth.

The A.S.K ceremony was officially opened by Prof. Mugendi M’Rithaa, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration, Planning and Finance), who represented Prof. Joyce Agalo, the Vice Chancellor of Machakos University as the Chief Guest of Machakos National Show. Accompanied by members of the Machakos National Show, the chief guest toured various stands, gaining insights into the innovative projects and research displayed.

In his address, Prof. M’Rithaa emphasized that the theme presents an opportunity for the agricultural and business community of Machakos County and the nation at large to reflect on applying new innovations to boost income, productivity and growth.

The University participated in 9 classes as shown below:

  1. Stand that best interprets current Show Theme – Education and/or Research.
  2. The most Striking Display (Demonstration of Locally Manufactured Products.
  3. The best University Stand.
  4. The best stand in Research and Development (Educational)
  5. The best Innovation and Inventions Stand.
  6. The best stand embracing Information Technology and Communication.
  7. The best display and services in the Health Sector and Pharmaceutical stand.
  8. The best stand in Hospitality and catering services.
  9. The best stand demonstrating the application of Environmental Quality Standards.

The following university Departments exhibited in the show:

  • Department of Agricultural Sciences
  • Department of Environmental Sciences
  • Department of Health Sciences
  • Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  • Department of Hospitality Management (TVET)
  • Department of Fashion Design and Clothing Technology (TVET)
  • Department of Design
  • Department of Corporate Affairs and Public Relations
  • ICT Department
  • Security Department

Under the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, the following innovations were showcased:

  • Smart volume measuring system in petrol station reservoir
  • Smart solar powered lawn mower
  • Robox farm
  • Blind eye
  • Milk cooling

The innovations and research findings led the University to win the following awards;

  1. First position – The Best University stand
  2. First position – The stand that best interprets current show theme (Education and/or Research)
  3. First position -The best stand in research and development (Educational)
  4. First position – The best stand embracing information technology and communication system.
  5. Second position – the best innovation and invention stand
  6. Second position – the best stand in hospitality and catering services.
  7. Second position – the most striking display (demonstration of locally manufactured products)
  8. Third position – the best display and services in the health sector and pharmaceutical stand
  9. Third position – the best stand demonstrating the application of environmental quality standards.

Notable visitors to Machakos University stand included the Governor, Machakos County, Machakos County Commissioner and CECM in charge of Agriculture, Food Security and Cooperative Development among other visitors.

Machakos University continues to set a high standard for academic and research institutions, contributing significantly to the region’s economic growth and sustainability. The university’s success at this year’s show is a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence.

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