Machakos University invites eligible and interested bidders to apply for Registration for the supply of goods and Provision of Services and Works for the 2023/2024 and 2024/2025 Financial Years.

Bidders are informed that Goods, Services and Works will be procured “as and when required” basis.

Reference codeCategory A: Supply and delivery of goods (Reserved)
MksU/Reg/01/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of General Office StationeryDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/02/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Toners and Cartridges (Authorized Dealers) OnlyDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/03/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Airtime;Newspapers and MagazinesDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/04/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Rubber Stamps and SealsDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/05/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Examination Booklets, Printed Stationery, Accountable Documents and Printing Services for Promotion Materials (T-shirts, Umbrellas, Business Cards etc)DOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/06/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Cleaning MaterialsDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/07/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Linen, Curtains, Staff Uniform and Protective ClothingDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/08/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Photocopiers, Printers, Laptops, LCDs, Computers, CCTV’s, Access Control Equipment & Computer Software, Accessories, Media, Networking Equipment and Related ItemsDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/09/2023/2025Supply, Delivery, Servicing and Maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment and First Aid KitDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/10/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Office Furniture, Equipment, Fixtures and FittingsDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/11/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Mattresses and BeddingsDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/12/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Tents,Chairs and Related ItemsDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/13/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of  Dry FoodstuffsDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/14/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of  Vegetables and FruitsDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/15/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of  Milk and Milk ProductsDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/16/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of  Meat and Meat ProductsDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/17/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of  Alcoholic DrinksDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/18/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of  Non Alcoholic Drinks e.g bottled water, soda and packed  juiceDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/19/2023/2025Supply and Delivery Water Bottles, Seals and Water Bottling Related AccessoriesDOWNLOAD

 Category B: Provision of services  (Reserved)                                                   
MksU/Reg/20/2023/2025 Provision of Fumigation, Pest Control and Sanitary ServicesDOWNLOAD
  MksU/Reg/21/2023/2025 Provision of Event Management Services;  (Designs/Decorations, hire of Public Address System, Tents & Chairs)DOWNLOAD
 MksU/Reg/22/2023/2025Provision of Sound System, Panel Screens and Media CoverageDOWNLOAD
 MksU/Reg/23/2023/2025 Provision of Repair & Maintenance services for ICT related equipment and  ElectronicsDOWNLOAD
 MksU/Reg/24/2023/2025Provision of Repair & Maintenance services for Equipments ( Cookers,Refigerators;Engineering Equipments and Sewing Machines)DOWNLOAD

 Category C: Provision of Consultancy Services (Open) 
 MksU/Reg/25/2023/2025Provision of Building Consultancy Services (Structural, Civil and Mechanical Engineering), Architectural Services and Quantity Surveying ServicesDOWNLOAD
 MksU/Reg/26/2023/2025Provision of Consultancy Services for Baseline Surveys, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Staff Competency Development, Work Environment and Alcohol and Substance Abuse Surveys, ISO 90001:2015, ISMS and Social Assessment and Strategic PlanDOWNLOAD

 Category D: Provision of works (Reserved) 
 MksU/Reg/27/2023/2025Building Contractors for Civil, Electrical & Mechanical WorksDOWNLOAD
 MksU/Reg/28/2023/2025Provision of Small/Minor Building WorksDOWNLOAD

 Category E: Supply and Delivery of Goods  and Provision of Services (Open) 
 MksU/Reg/29/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Hardware, Building, Plumbing Materials & Allied ProductsDOWNLOAD
 MksU/Reg/30/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Electrical/Electronic Materials, Appliances and FittingsDOWNLOAD
 MksU/Reg/31/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Medical Drugs and Non PharmaceuticalsDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/32/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Medical Laboratory Reagents, Medical Equipment and Other Related ItemsDOWNLOAD
 MksU/Reg/33/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Laboratory Consumables, Chemical Reagents and Glassware.(Physics,Biology and Chemistry Labs)DOWNLOAD
 MksU/Reg/34/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Equipments for Chemistry,Physics ,Biology and Engineering LaboratoryDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/35/2023/2025 Supply and Delivery of Fashion Design Related Teaching Materials (Consumables)DOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/36/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Laboratory Consumables.(Electrical,Mechanical and Automotive)DOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/37/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of PWD’s Related Teaching MaterialsDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/38/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Kitchen Appliances and CutleryDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/39/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Games Sportswear and EquipmentDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/40/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Text Books, Periodicals, E-Books and JournalsDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/41/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Motor Vehicle Fuel (Diesel,Petrol and Lubricants)DOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/42/2023/2025Supply and Delivery of Motor Vehicles Spare Parts (Tyres, tubes, batteries etc)DOWNLOAD
 MksU/Reg/43/2023/2025Provision of Motor Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Services (Garage Services)DOWNLOAD
 MksU/Reg/44/2023/2025Provision of Laundry ServicesDOWNLOAD
 MksU/Reg/45/2023/2025Repair & Maintenance of LiftsDOWNLOAD
 MksU/Reg/46/2023/2025Provision of Conference and Accommodation ServicesDOWNLOAD
 MksU/Reg/47/2023/2025Provision of Air Ticketing ServicesDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/48/2023/2025Provision of Clearing and Forwarding ServicesDOWNLOAD
 MksU/Reg/49/2023/2025Provision of Legal ServicesDOWNLOAD
 MksU/Reg/50/2023/2025Provision of Asset Valuation ServicesDOWNLOAD
 MksU/Reg/51/2023/2025Provision of General Insurance ServicesDOWNLOAD
MksU/Reg/52/2023/2025Provision of Life Insurance ServicesDOWNLOAD

A complete set of registration documents may be downloaded from our website at or at no cost.

Completed registration documents in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked with the “tender registration number” and category and bearing no indication of the bidder should be addressed to



P O BOX 136 – 90100


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