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Machakos University invites eligible and interested bidders to apply for Registration for the supply and provision of the listed Goods, Services and Works for the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 Financial Years: –

Reference code Category A: Supply and delivery of goods  
MksU/Reg/1/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of General Office Stationery Reserved
MksU/Reg/2/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Toners and Cartridges (Authorized Dealers) Only Open
MksU/Reg/3/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Newspapers and Magazines Reserved
MksU/Reg/4/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Rubber Stamps and Seals Reserved
MksU/Reg/5/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Examination Booklets and Printed Stationery Open
MksU/Reg/6/2019/2021 Design & Printing of Accountable Documents Reserved
MksU/Reg/7/2019/2021 Design and Printing of Academic Certificates & Transcripts Open
MksU/Reg/8/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Fresh Milk Open
MksU/Reg/9/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Dry Foodstuff Open
MksU/Reg/10/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Fresh Bread Open
MksU/Reg/11/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Dry Cereals Reserved
MksU/Reg/12/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Fresh Meat and Meat Products, Fish and Chicken & Chicken Products Open
MksU/Reg/13/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Fresh Vegetables and Assorted Fruits Reserved
MksU/Reg/14/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Charcoal and Firewood Open
MksU/Reg/15/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Cooking Gas (LPG) Open
MksU/Reg/16/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Materials Reserved
MksU/Reg/17/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Beer and assorted Wines Open
MksU/Reg/18/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Linen, Curtains, Staff Uniform and Protective Clothing Open
MksU/Reg/19/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Kitchen Appliances and Cutlery Open
MksU/Reg/20/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Hardware, Building, Plumbing Materials & Allied Products Open
MksU/Reg/21/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Electrical/Electronic Materials, Appliances and Fittings Open
MksU/Reg/22/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Photocopiers, Printers, Laptops, LCDs, Computers and Computer Software, Accessories, Networking Equipment and Related Items Open
MksU/Reg/23/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Medical Drugs, Dressings, Medical Laboratory Reagents, Nursing and Other Related Items Open
MksU/Reg/24/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Medical Equipment Open
MksU/Reg/25/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Teaching Materials Open
MksU/Reg/26/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Laboratory Consumables, Chemical Reagents and Glassware Open
MksU/Reg/27/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Laboratory Equipment for Chemistry, Physics, Biology & Engineering Department Open
MksU/Reg/28/2019/2021 Supply, Delivery, Servicing and Maintenance of Firefighting Equipment and First Aid Kit Open
MksU/Reg/29/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Games Sportswear and Equipment Open
MksU/Reg/30/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Text Books, Periodicals, E-Books and Journals Open
MksU/Reg/31/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Office Furniture, Equipment, Fixtures and Fittings Open
MksU/Reg/32/2019/2021 Supply and Installation of Telephone and Telecommunication Equipment (PABX, Headsets, Routers and Related Accessories) and Structured Cabling Open
MksU/Reg/33/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Academic Gowns Open
MksU/Reg/34/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Water Treatment Chemicals Open
MksU/Reg/35/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Mattresses and Beddings Open
MksU/Reg/36/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Special Needs Equipment/Materials Open
MksU/Reg/37/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Tents Open
MksU/Reg/38/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Air Conditioners and Mechanical Ventilators Open
MksU/Reg/39/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Plant Machineries & Equipment and Allied Items Open
MksU/Reg/40/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Tyres, Tubes and Batteries Open
MksU/Reg/41/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Motor Vehicles Spare Parts open
MksU/Reg/42/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Motor Vehicles, Motor Bikes & Tractors Open
MksU/Reg/43/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of Fuel (Petrol and Diesel products, oil & Lubricants) Open
MksU/Reg/44/2019/2021 Supply, Installation & Commissioning of CCTV, Access Control Equipment, Walkthrough Metal detectors e.t.c Open
MksU/Reg/45/2019/2021 Supply and Delivery of TVs, DVD players and PAS Open
  Category B: Provision of services                                                            
MksU/Reg/46/2019/2021 Provision of Fumigation, Pest Control and Sanitary Services Reserved
MksU/Reg/47/2019/2021 Provision of Motor Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Services (Garage Services) Open
MksU/Reg/48/2019/2021 Provision of Event Management Services; (Designs/Decorations, hire of Public Address System, Tents & Chairs) Reserved
MksU/Reg/49/2019/2021 Provision of Printing Services for Promotional Materials (T-Shirts, Umbrellas, Business Cards e.t.c) Reserved
MksU/Reg/50/2019/2021 Provision of Legal Services Open
MksU/Reg/51/2019/2021 Provision of Repair and Maintenance Services for Fire Extinguishers Open
MksU/Reg/52/2019/2021 Provision of Repair and Maintenance Services for Air Conditioners and Mechanical Ventilators Open
MksU/Reg/53/2019/2021 Provision of Welding Services, Fabrication and Metal works Open
MksU/Reg/54/2019/2021 Provision of Laundry Services Reserved
MksU/Reg/55/2019/2021 Provision of Repair & Maintenance services for ICT related equipment and Electronics Open
MksU/Reg/56/2019/2021 Provision of Air Ticketing services Open
MksU/Reg/57/2019/2021 Provision of Group Life Insurance Services Open
MksU/Reg/58/2019/2021 Provision of Motor Vehicle Insurance Services Open
MksU/Reg/59/2019/2021 Provision of Property Insurance Services (General Insurance) Open
MksU/Reg/60/2019/2021 Provision of Courier Services Open
MksU/Reg/61/2019/2021 Provision of Machines/equipment Calibration services. Open
MksU/Reg/62/2019/2021 Provision of Bindery Services (Books, Magazines, Newsletters E.t.c) Reserved
MksU/Reg/63/2019/2021 Provision of Garbage Collection Services Reserved
MksU/Reg/64/2019/2021 Provision of Signage & Outdoor Advertising Services Reserved
MksU/Reg/65/2019/2021 Provision of Car Hire & Related Services Open
MksU/Reg/66/2019/2021 Provision of Auctioneering services Open
MksU/Reg/67/2019/2021 Repair & Maintenance of Lifts Open
MksU/Reg/68/2019/2021 Servicing & Maintenance of Lawn Mower & Power Saw Open
MksU/Reg/69/2019/2021 Servicing & Maintenance of Refrigeration Equipment Open
MksU/Reg/70/2019/2021 Provision of Conference and Accommodation Services  
  Category C: Provision of consultancy services  
MksU/Reg/71/2019/2021 Provision of Building Consultancy Services (Structural, Civil and Mechanical Engineering), Architectural Services and Quantity Surveying Services Open
MksU/Reg/72/2019/2021 Provision of Consultancy Services for Baseline Surveys, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Staff Competency Development, Work Environment and Alcohol and Substance Abuse Surveys Open
MksU/Reg/73/2019/2021 Provision of consultancy services (Trainings on various areas i.e ISO 90001:2015, ISMS e.t.c  
MksU/Reg/74/2019/2021 Provision of Media Consultancy, Advertising and Marketing Services Open
MksU/Reg/75/2019/2021 Provision of Environmental Impact & Social Assessment Consultancy Open
  Category D: Provision of works  
MksU/Reg/76/2019/2021 Building Contractors for Civil, Electrical & Mechanical Works Open
MksU/Reg/77/2019/2021 Provision of Minor Building Works Open

Reserved Means:  only women, youth and persons with disabilities who have registered with their respective authorizing bodies are allowed to apply.

Preference means:  All bidders to apply but youth, women and persons with disabilities will be given a 10% preference on price.

Open means:  All bidders may apply for these categories.

Registration documents may be downloaded from our website at www.mksu.ac.ke.  The closing date is Tuesday 2nd July, 2019 at 10.00a.m.

Completed documents in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked with the “tender registration number” and item description should be addressed to the undermentioned, and dropped into the TENDER BOX, positioned at the entrance to the University Administration Block, so as to be received not later than the stipulated date and time indicated above.



P O BOX 136 – 90100


Tenders will be opened on Tuesday 2nd July, 2019 at 10.00 a.m.at 10.00a.m. Bidders or their representatives are encouraged to witness the opening.  Late submissions will not be accepted and will be returned unopened at suppliers’ own cost.



Adana Taksi
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