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At Machakos University we believe that “an academic qualification be it a degree, diploma or a certificate as much as it is important in one’s life, it must be laced with the right attitude-change and practical skills. Hence at Machakos University we say” education is our tool box with which to manage life”.

Students Experience

We endeavor to develop innovative approaches to enhancing student experience, learning and well being.


University Library

At Machakos University we are made for the library, not the classroom. Visit our information Center.


Research, Collaborations & Linkages

Machakos University has an effective collaboration and sharing of experiences with other institutions



The Scholarship Fund is meant to assist exemplary undergraduate academic performers to achieve their academic dreams.

Studying at Machakos University

Choosing your university is both an exciting & important time in your life. Contact the Admissions Department at Machakos University who will help you through the process.


Here's what our students have to say about their time at Machakos University.
Adana Taksi
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