Make Today Matter. Study at MksU.

At Machakos University we believe that “an academic qualification be it a degree, diploma or a certificate as much as it is important in one’s life, it must be laced with the right attitude-change and practical skills. Hence at Machakos University we say” education is our tool box with which to manage life”.

Research Matters.

At MksU, we believe in the power of knowledge and innovation to drive positive change in our world. Our Research division serves as a hub of intellectual exploration, groundbreaking discoveries, and collaborative endeavors.

Research & Innovation

Fourth Edition of Research & Innovation Bulletin


Collaborations & Linkages

Machakos University has an effective collaboration and sharing of experiences with other institutions.


Learning Resource Center

At Machakos University we are made for the library, not the classroom. Visit our information Center.


Research Funding Highlights

Explore the comprehensive snapshot of research funding, with insights into our commitment to advancing knowledge and innovation.
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